International Scattering Alliance

Serving the X-ray, neutron and light scattering communities

The International Scattering Alliance is registered as Swedish ideell förening with organisation number 802532-6193

Annual Meeting of the International Scattering Alliance 2022

14.00 CET on 16 March 2022
Meeting via Zoom



  1. Opening of Meeting and Approval of Agenda

  2. Appointment of person to record minutes and a person to check minutes

  3. Note attendance and quoracy

  4. Approval of accounts
    1. Report on accounts by Treasurer, A. J. Jackson
    2. Report from auditor, P. Butler
  5. Appointment of an auditor
    1. Proposal to appoint P. D. Butler as auditor for 2022
  6. Consideration of the proposed amendment to Statutes of the International Scattering Alliance

    Add to paragraph 5 of the Statutes:

    “A member may resign at any time by notification to the Secretary. The Board may remove from the list of members any person or organisation that has not participated in a General Meeting in the previous three years.”

    Note the purpose of this amendment is (a) to allow members to leave and (b) to avoid members who are not active or have lost contact remaining on the register of members that might eventually cause problems with quoracy at meetings.

  7. Report on activities by Chair, A. R. Rennie

  8. Any other business